What is „Urban Landscape Management“?


Definition 1:

is an intellectually demanding activity carried out by professionally trained staff that are drawn from a variety of disciplines; an appreciation of aesthetics and design;

involves an appreciation of environmental processes and their relationship with landscape management;

involves an appreciation of the recreational and cultural-social role of landscapes;

involves an appreciation of land use planning, statutes and government policies involved in the management of landscapes;

involves understanding of resource and financial management;

involves understanding of the technologies used to manage plants and landscapes.

(Hitchmough,J.D., 1994, Sydney).

Definition 2:

A task undertaken by professionals to ensure that the objectives of the landcape designer are achieved on the ground in such a way that the landscape involves and matures over time to the satisfaction of both designer and user. Management concerns the establishment and development of physically and visually acceptable relationships between the land and ist living community“

(Cobham, R., 1977, London)

Definition 3:

„… concerned with longer term planning and policies and the organisation of staff and equipment to achieve efficient maintenance. Long term decicions about vegetation management will also be a factor.“

(Wright, T., 1982, London)